A Different Taste

For most people who first visit our shop their impression is that we don’t look like the typical Korean or Asian fashion store. For one thing we don’t carry endless rosters of items that most online Asian clothing retailers do. The other thing is that our item prices are a bit different too. I mean it isn’t cheap but of course we don’t believe it is expensive either. I think everything comes with a price as they say and with clothing it is a price sensitive thing. When clothing is so expensive you likely would keep it for a long time but as with fashion it probably becomes outdated for your taste at a future point of time. It then ends up just sitting there in your closet, collecting dust, maybe(haha). Of course if it’s really cheap you wouldn’t cherish it either so that isn’t good.

In regards to this I think mid priced clothing is probably the best. Anybody on any budget can afford it and they can rotate their wardrobe without breaking their piggy bank. And if the quality is pretty good and the style is pretty nice too I think that is probably every girl’s dream. At soojinstyle here that is really all we are trying to do. In Asia they typically call this the “cp value”.

We call our online shop soojinstyle because rather than classifying ourselves as a clothes retailer we like to think we are trying to express a style through the items we sell. It is more artistry I think, painting a piece of art through the different styles, colors and shades of the items we sell. So when people buy our clothing we don’t think they are really just buying clothing; it’s more like they’re adding a different layer or stroke of color to their own piece of style art. This may sound strange to readers but that is how most masterpieces of the past are created, painted over the years through multiple layers of paint.

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