Asian and Korean fashion How-To

When it comes to Asian fashion, there is a key thing you should know. Basically it's really about making you look physically proportional. Many people think it's about making you look thin, but that's not quite right, because only very few people have bodies of a model. It's really about proportion, not some arbitrary weight or size. Knowing how to use fashionable clothing to accentuate your appeal factor is the art of Asian fashion.

Many people who go to Asia to travel often remark that all the ladies and women there are very well kept in terms of skin and body shape. Well this isn't completely true, because aside from makeup, they also know better how to use their fashion to accentuate their figure. They do this by using clothing of different shapes and styles to compliment what they don't have in terms of their natural body figure. That being said, the creative use of different patterns, colors and layering also adds to that.

What this means is that your body shape and curves aren't that important and is not a determining factor for whether or not Asian and Korean fashion is suitable for you. The fact is that Asian fashion is suitable for everyone living anywhere and can be a very versatile fashion to add to everyone's wardrobe. You just have to know how to use it.

Next time we will explore some examples of this so stay tuned!!


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