Buy fabulous Asia and Korean Fashion even without a Credit Card!

We've partnered with Paymentwall, a leading ecommerce payment processing company in California USA, to aopen up non-creditcard payment processing. We understand that credit cards are not entirely representative of international ecommerce shopping beahviour and that a majority of the world's population prefers non-credit card payment methods such as secure online bank transfers and e-wallets.

Now doesn't matter where you are in the world, you can easily pay us online through our secure payment platform without credit cards. Once we receive your payment we will process and ship out your order just like any other order.

Also we understand that certain regions of the world uses non-traditional credit cards such as Hipercard and UnionPay, and this we are offering to our shoppers as well.

Please see here for a list of regions and countries and their associated payment methods. 

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