Fashion comparison of Asia and North America

Whenever I fly between Asia and North America I'm always amazed by one thing--the differences in women's attire. There is such a huge difference in what people wear between these two places it's hard to ignore.

Aside from temperature differences that lead to what people eventually wear, the taste of fashion and clothing is the biggest eye-opener. In North America the color scheme of clothing is from my observation predominantly dark colored, black is an overarching theme often. In Asia we see much more variety. While dark colors are popular here but other color combos get just as much attention.

In terms of what people wear there is a big difference too. Somehow for some odd reason I don't know, North American fashion mainstream is to us who sell Asian fashion very drab and tasteless. It's not even the minimalist type actually. It just seems overly depressing and lacks, I should say, CHANGE. The clothing combination often seems one dimensional. It is hard to spot out individual clothing combo discrepancies between what women wear here. It's also the case that if you want to wear something a different it probably makes you stand too much from the crowd or it might be really expensive. Either way everybody walking down the street seems just like the next person.

---the typical not-so-special top and bottom combo. photo credit:

Anybody who has been to Asia will know it's much much different. In terms of tops you get so much variety, blouses, laced design, short sleeve, half sleeve, 80% sleeve, etc etc. Bottoms there are so many people who wear skirts of different lengths while in North America I don't think I've ever really seen anybody wear them even if the weather is hot. Short shorts seem to be the only dress code.


---midi skirt goes well with a lot of things

From talking to quite a few people it seems it's not about standing too much from the crowd. It's usually the lack of selection in the stores they go to. I think helps to solve this nagging problem.

Time for a change? I think so!

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