Item returns and refunds

The internet has really come of age. When I think back of the time 15 years ago I was still using dial up. One of our employees even said they didn't have even internet back then. And now just a little over a decade we are using our phones to buy things online. This is something I'm sure very few people would have dared imagined.

When it comes to online shopping everything is within the touch of your finger, at least on screen. Despite these advances the fact of the matter still remains that you cannot physically touch and feel and try the product. When it comes to fashion people must think it's outrageous to shop online because you can't try on the clothes.

Despite this we still have a lot of customers shopping from us and orders vary between single items to big orders like over 10 items. I think part of the reason aside from our unique selection of clothing is that we put a lot of effort into customer service after sales and our one-of-a-world return policy.

When we started the business advisers we consulted thought we were crazy. Well they thought I was crazy specifically. "People will abuse your policy if you offer them refunds without requiring them to physically return products to you. They'll make up stupid reasons to get their money back just to con you." Another said "they'll have buyer's remorse." Nobody thought it was a good idea. Frankly speaking nobody does business like that, at least that was the prevailing mood.

Personally I think it's not that hard to know that buying stuff online has its difficulty especially with regards to clothing. We went ahead with it anyway to prove it doesn't have to be like this and while we've had some requests for refunds, the reasons have always been genuine and allowed us go improve our service for the future. Why would people want to buy something and exchange their sensitive payment info if they did not genuinely want to buy it in the beginning? Why would they want a refund if they genuinely liked what they bought? Exactly, it's a no-brainer.

The world today lacks trust between people. trusts all the visitors to our online shop are good and honest people and just want to buy nice looking clothing. And that is just what is what we aim to provide. And if you happen to not like it for any reason, as long as it is justifiable with photo proof we will refund it without you needing to return anything to us.