Korean and Asian fashion how-to Part 3

Following Part 2 of the series let's talk about the first type, the fleshy type.

Fleshy type body shapes are more supple than the average person. They impart a sense of increased weight even if they are often not truly overweight. Their girth are often wider thus the natural curves are not as obvious. Thus in summary their body contour is focused on their bigger upper body impression primarily on their wider bust size and broader shoulder width. Pelvic, waist and thigh areas are also wider. Arms and legs do not appear skinny. In short, an overall fullness impression is obvious.

---example of fleshy type body(right)

In Asian fashion fleshy type women have certain rules and tricks they can use when outfitting themselves without resorting to baggy wear. And such rules revolve around making the body look more close to the normal average body shape. In this regard that means attempting to "shrink" the oversized upper body and lower body. This can be done through many ways and we'll introduce one method here.

This centers around wearing clothing that are not loose. You must be thinking how is this possible. Fleshy type women wearing tight clothing is a no-no according to Asian fashion, because it will show off all the stuff you don't want to show off. So the problem is what and how do you dress if you don't want to wear baggy stuff. Well first of all in relation to the upper body, you want to go for slightly looser fitting clothing. This means going about one size over what normally fits just right for you. So it's loose but not baggy and perfectly hides the fullness of the overall upper body while not completely taking away the bust size that you may not want to completely discount.

---slightly loose upper clothing is a very versatile element

With regards to your waist and lower body let's explain how this is done without body shapers. The way to recreate an illusion of a good waistline is rather interesting here. What is often done is actually by "moving" your waist up through wearing pants higher than your normal waistline. Why? Because fleshy types often have wider waists and so comparatively their mid body tends to be thinner, and thus easier to cinch without resorting to choking tight bottom wear. So here it's important that the pants cannot be tight and form fitting so jeans are a no-no. Instead you want to go with straight tube types. This way your wide thighs and original waistline are hidden very well but does not give a baggy lower look.

---"moving" the waist up

But doesn't this give the impression of a squeezed upper body since you just wore the pants higher up? Yes it does but that's if your upper clothing isn't slightly loose and hence the importance of the previous paragraphs. It's important. Your upper clothing needs to be slightly loose and we suggest it to be slightly longer as well. The extra length is used as a overflow semi draping look that loosens up the areas above the pant's waistline in order to offset that squeezed look as a result of wearing your pants higher up.

---you can tell this women is a fleshy type but has done very well by using upper clothing to effectively soothe away the weightiness, also note the important mid body overflow effect just above the skirt, effectively recreating a new waistline

So what's the end result? Basically it's a rather streamlined kind of look that hides the fleshiness and weighty look of your body while lending a streamlined look and an illusion of "curves" through the smart pairing of upper and lower body clothing.

---say bye-bye to baggy stuff!


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