Korean & Asian fashion how-to Part 2

Last time we talked about Asian fashion is all about proportion. The pervasive idea that Asians are skinny and slim and therefore Asian fashion is only for slim girls is not entirely correct. Specialty shops for plus size people also exist here as well.

Let's keep this brief. Basically, the ideal look is the ideal proportion, and that is when your upper body , front and back, and lower body front and back look just right. Yes, nothing too big nothing too small, not too short, nor overly long, but just right. That sounds pretty abstract not to mention very culturally biased because it is viewed through the lens of Asian ideals. But that's sort of how if works if we're talking about fashion in Asia. To further understand this we need to talk about body shapes. 

The majority of the population falls into three generalized body shapes. The first type is the fleshy type. Bone structures are not very obvious. They are not truly overweight, but may weigh on the higher side(or not). They're more supple if put in another way. Sometimes it happens that given the same total weight compared to another person, the proportion of body tissue is higher compared to bone parts, imparting an impression of higher weight.

---fleshy type

The second type is the average shape. They do not look skinny nor supple. You think they look just about right but this type of body shape resembles the average and therefore other than the fact that body curves may be slightly more obvious there isn't anything that particularly stands out.

--- the average type

The third shape is the slim type. Bony features such as shoulders and hip edges are more obvious. However this does not mean that they are skinny in the true sense. Certain individuals their bone structures are naturally more prominent at certain areas and so given normal amounts of body tissue may still give the impression that they don't weigh enough. It might also be that they are more well built in terms of muscle contour so physical features are readily evident.

--- the slim type

At this point readers need to realize that we are not saying which one is ideal as beauty is in the eye of the beholder as they say. Readers should also realize that these body shapes have nothing to do with weight as can be mistakenly assumed. It is on the other hand more to do with things like bone to non-bone tissue ratios and stuff like how different body tissues are distributed around the body. Body shapes serve as a starting point in understanding how Asian fashion goes about pairing clothing to maximize your appeal factor.

There are other variations within the spectrum as well as other classification methods; some may be more of this type and less of that for example. But next time we'll talk about how these body shapes influence how you dress and how the idea of proportion plays into all this.


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