What Soojinstyle is all about

If people ask us what Soojinstyle is about, my answer right now would be different than what it was at the start of our company formation.

We started out in 2018 January. There were already a lot of big names out there. But we didn't like what they offered. We thought we could offer something with more personality. So we named it Soojin, which can mean a lot of things depending on if your talking about it in Korean, Chinese or Japanese. We don't want to give it a hard definition, so that's why English is awesome here. With just the pronunciation it can be whatever it wants to be. And at the heart of Soojinstyle.com, that's what it's all about; women can achieve anything they want, and this confidence should reflect in their fashion sense.

Not trying to be abstract here but if you ask what is the style of soojinstyle right now, we do have an answer. We aim at the 25-35 year olds out there. The ones who like maturity and a little bit of playfulness in their style. The ones who are not afraid to let the world know who they are, and can say out loud "we're not kids anymore, we can handle stuff and do it in style".

As we become more clear of ourselves we went from initially carrying more of the cute items to gradually more of the clothing that is evidently more of a type that...honestly we're not sure if there is an equivalent word in English. It's not something exclusive to Korean fashion since it's pretty pervasive as a fashion standard throughout Asian mainstream fashion. So what people outside Asia know about Asian and Korean fashion is actually very different than what it actually is. The cute and kawaii stuff is just barely on the surface, and sometimes it's not even about that. If you really want to know what it is, go watch some Korean dramas, Japanese dramas or Chinese dramas and pay attention to the women in there and just feel for not only what they wear but also how they present themselves. It's stuff you can't describe with words, well at least we can't. (Just don't end up paying attention to how they're fighting over the guys then it's all lostXD)

But I think, at least, it is really clothing you can wear anytime anywhere without feeling weird about, even if you live amongst non-Asians.

Jason Wang

Founder, Soojinstyle.com