Checking the status of your order

Due to the amount of spam people get in their emails these days, email clients often have automatic spam detection software which sends things into spam before the person even sees it in their inbox. Unfortunately shipment/order confirmation emails frequently end up in spam as well. This causes people to think their order was trapped in limbo and didn't get processed/shipped.

As when you make a purchase, you will get an order confirmation email. After the processing time has gone by and we have processed and shipped out your order another email with the tracking number will be sent to you. Frequently this 2nd email ends up in spam for reasons we cannot control. uses the Shopify store management system, and our staff has also found that shopping at other stores using the Shopify system also ends up having some of their shipping confirmation emails inside the spam. We think this is a email client problem that we have no control over.

If you have made a purchase, and would like to know what is going with your order, please directly contact us and we will provide you the information. Due to the amount of orders and our limited staff we cannot provide updates of orders to each and every single customer.


thank you all for your understanding all staff