How to Order

Ordering at is super quick and easy.

1. Click "secure checkout" button on cart page to proceed to checkout page.

2a. On the first page of checkout you can put in your contact email and shipping information. Your contact email is where you will receive order related emails after you pay for your order. You can save time typing things in if you click PayPal or Apple pay buttons which will fill it in for you from the information stored in your account after you login.

2b. On this page you can immediately see your savings when you click the top tab and put in your coupon code. 

2c. After all info are put in click "pick shipping style" button to continue to shipping.

3. On this page you can select your shipping method. For orders over $85 you automatically get Premium Express shipping for free. After picking your shipping click "choose payment style" to continue to the last step.

4. Here you can insert your coupon code if you haven't done so earlier.

You can pick your payment method either by credit card or PayPal (if you didn't pick it in the beginning). You also don't have to put in your credit card info if you already picked Apple Pay on the first page.

Click "pay now" to place your order.

5. You will see a loading animation while your order is being processed.

6. When your payment has successfully gone through you will see your order summary. This summary will also be sent to your email that you entered previously. You can even add a cellphone number to get text message updates on your order.